Red E Male Enhancement he was habited in a garment like that of her daughter, and over her head and shoulders she wore a silken veil striped with gold. Three young girls Red E Male Enhancement walked before her, each carrying one of the royal hats. Having bowed to the altar, the Queen seated herself on a cushion of embroidered silk, when she and her attendants were sprinkled by the Admiral with rose water, a scent in which the women of the country greatly delighted. The Admiral obtained still further credit, and gained over more proselytes, by a cure which he was said to have effected on Red E Male Enhancement the brother Red E Male Enhancement of the Rajah of Zebut. The Prince complaining of Red E Male Enhancement illness, the Admiral assured him that if he would be baptised and break all his idols, he would to a certainty be cured, pledging his word for the result. T.he rite was performed, the Admiral taking care to administer certain medicines for the space of five days, at the end of which time the Red E Male Enhancement prince acknowledged that he was perfectly well. Thus, in less Red E Male Enhancement than fourteen days after the arrival of the squadron, the whole

of the inhabitants of Zebut and the neighbouring regions had been converted to the new faith adopted by the Rajah and his men s supplements for ed nobles, with the Red E Male Enhancement exception of one village of idolaters, which gnc male enhancement product reviews still stoutly held out against it. To convert them more readily, the Admiral with a party of men attacked the village, which they burnt to ashes, and Red E Male Enhancement then erected the cross on its ruins. CHAPTER FOURTEEN. VOYAGE OF MAGALHAENS, CONTINUED A.D. 1521 best ed pill on the market 2. The Rajahs of Zebut and Mazagua what is extenze used for pay tribute Magalhaens Red E Male Enhancement attacks the Rajah of Matan Sad Red E Male Enhancement death of the Admiral Treachery of the Rajah. of Zebut Massacre of Spanish officers Don Juan Serrano cowardly deserted Ships sail away Reach Bohol Red E Male Enhancement The Conception burnt Touch Red E Male Enhancement at Mindanao and Cagayan Sooloo Hear of Borneo Sufferings from hunger Friendly reception at Puluan Provisions obtained Arrak first met Red E Male Enhancement with Cross to Borneo, and anchor off a large city The Rajah treats the Spaniards handsomely Wealth of herbs for male enlargement the Rajah Customs of the people Carvalho deposed, and Espinosa chosen Captain, with Sebastian del Can

Red E Male Enhancement

o under him Reach Cimbuhon Ships careened Curious birds and insects The Red E Male Enhancement Moluccas reached Anchor at Tidor Spices obtained The Trinidad abandoned The Vittoria alone leaves the Moluccas Portuguese vessels Red E Male Enhancement robbed The Cape of Good Hope rounded Dreadful sufferings from hunger Many die Put into harbour of Santiago in the Cape Red E Male Enhancement de Verdes Portuguese discover where th.ey have been Attempt to capture the ship Del Cano, now Captain, escapes The Vittoria arrives in the harbour of Saint Lucar, 6th of September, 1522 Del Cano rewarded with patent of nobility The Vittoria afterwards lost The name of Magalhaens or Magellan justly given to the Straits he discovered. So submissive had the Rajahs of Mazagua and Zebut become, that they now willingly paid tribute Red E Male Enhancement to the Spaniards, supplying them abundantly with provisions, and treating them with the Red E Male Enhancement greatest hospitality whenever they came on shore. The satisfaction of the Admiral was still further increased by hearing that the Moluccas, of which he had come in search, Red E Male Enhancement were to be found a

t no great distance to the southward. Not far from Zebut lies the island of Matan, the Rajah of which, though willing to pay every courtesy to the strangers. , declined Red E Male Enhancement to acknowledge the sovereignty of the Emperor, or to pay him tribute. This so incensed the Admiral, that he ingredients in male enhancement pills resolved forthwith Red E Male Enhancement to natural male enhancement with no fd c reduce the refractory Rajah to obedience, notwithstanding that he was warned of the power Red E Male Enhancement of his foe, who possessed an army of six or seven thousand men, and although naked like the rest of the inhabitants, were furnished with bows, arrows, darts, and javelins. Juan Serrano and other officers implored him not to go, but he persisted in his design, laughing at the notion male length enhancement biomanix gnc that naked savages could contend with Spaniards wearing coats of mail and helmets. The Admiral Red E Male Enhancement set out with fifty of Red E Male Enhancement his men thus caparisoned, accompanied by his ally, the Rajah of Zebut, whose services, however, he declined, bidding him wait lxw pro male enhancement in his boats to witness Red E Male Enhancement the fight and the certain defeat of their fo. es. On reaching the shore, the Admiral lande